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Interview with GoldenBoyUK: Exploring all the sexy sensual delights of his own piss and poo.

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by Gustavo Scat.
translation by JoeMuck23

“I’m a smooth, slim, unpretentious, openminded, easygoing gay guy.
I like sex to be sensuous, adventurous and fun. I like to show kinky fun needn't be sleezy but can be sexy and erotic and for anyone to enjoy.”

This is GoldenBoyUK, a gay guy from the United Kingdom. Let's get to know him better.

interview with golden boy uk scat sex fetish

“I am a scat actor filming and editing my own solo videos.
I have been making porn movies for 12 years now and make videos of all my fetishes.

I love scat and pissing of course, also farting, toys, ABDL, and having fun in gear such as rubber and sportswear. In fact I'll try almost anything to see if I like it!”

Interview with GoldenBoyUK
"Exploring all the sexy sensual 
delights of his own piss and poo".

** Tell us something about you and you started to like scat. Do you really like poop?

I have always been fascinated by piss and poo from a very young age. As a boy I used to go into the woods with a friend and we'd watch each other piss and poo. Then as a young teenager I discovered the pleasure of wetting my pants. I loved the excitement of doing something so naughty and the warm wet feeling of the material against my bum hole.

This lead me to explore other things to give me a thrill and it wasn't long before I decided to try pooing in my pants too. Of course I loved it! Reaching round and feeling a big bulge it the back of my underwear was a great feeling!

** When did you start to record your videos and what was that motivation for this? How does it feel to be a well-known performer in the scat community?

As soon as I saved up for my own computer and digital camera I started taking pissing photos of myself and exploring the few websites you could find with pissing pictures and videos at the time and the even rarer sites you could find scat pictures which really blew my young mind!

I was disappointed at the time that most scat videos were rather poor quality and featured big hairy bears, so I decided there was a need to show that a younger smooth guy can enjoying it too. I thought it might be fun to start filming my own videos, making something more akin to traditional twink porn with good lighting and a storyline, but make them a bit kinkier by featuring my passion for piss and scat.

My first video featured me riding through the woods on my bike, then stopping off for a piss and a poo. I used different camera angles and even wrote some music to accompany the video. I got such a nice response when I posted it online that it inspired me to make further videos.

I love using my imagination to come up with new storylines, scenes, and ideas, and love even more my fans’ comments after I produce a video. It’s great to know that so many other people get enjoyment from what I do and share my love of this exciting fetish.

** How do you prepare for performing all your exploits?

There is a certain amount of preparation I do for my videos. If I'm making a scat video I try to make sure I have a nice size load to deliver by avoiding going to the toilet for a couple of days before. I’ve recently found that fibre supplements really help bulk up my stools, making them bigger and firmer. Of course I drink a lot of water and wait until I'm really busting to go, then just as I'm about to film drink some more as this helps me shoot my famous jets of piss everywhere. Then when I have pissed out the first load the second is making it's way through me so I can piss even more!

If I'm filming indoors I always make sure I have my waterproof sheet on to protect my mattress, as I love pissing and getting dirty on my bed! It makes clean up a lot easier too.

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** Did any particular video make you very horny recording it? Tell us how it was.

I get so horny recording all my videos as I love to perform and the thought of others enjoying what I do really gets me off as well as watching myself back afterwards when I am editing the video. Quite often I get too horny and cum early by mistake, as I did in my “Brown boy in the ring” video, so then have to take a rest before I'm ready to finish the scene!

** What do you like to practice in scat, pissing, and farting? Can you explain why you like these fetishes so much?

I love the piss and scat fetish because it's going that extra bit further. It’s why some people like to climb mountains rather then hills — it's the extra thrill and excitement it gives to do something bit more daring that not everyone else would do. There are so many possibilities, only limited by your imagination, from simply pissing or shitting your pants to getting totally covered in shit which is what I like best. I also love to repack shit into my hole so I get the chance to shit it out again. I like to try and push myself further by eating when I am feeling really horny!

** Do you like to try and play with other people's poo, or do you usually carry out your wishes on your own?

I enjoy other peoples poo and especially love to see a hot hole squeezing a massive turd out onto my chest before smearing it all over myself. I love the intimacy of the experience and the feeling of freedom just to be totally wild with someone, without worrying about having to douche or if they will freak out if they accidentally get shit on their cock!

Talking of shitty cocks I love a good shit fuck too, it feels amazing to feel a cock up my full hole really filling it and then to see my shit covering the other guy's cock as he fucks me hard or plunging my cock into a full hole and enjoying the sensation of his warm shit seeping around my cock as I fuck and we both gradually get messier and messier!

** Have you ever dated someone who did not like the fetish? 

Usually if I date it's to meet specifically for scat or watersports fun. In fact I don't usually meet guys just for vanilla sex as it's too boring. I like to be relaxed with the person I am with and we just take it easy, respecting each others limits, and going as far as we both feel comfortable with.

** What kind of poop makes you feel horny? Does it matter to you?

If I'm playing with my own or someone else's shit I prefer it to be quite big and solid. It’s wonderful to watch a hot hole expand to release a massive turd. Also the bigger turds tend to be less smelly and have a more earthy aroma as opposed to the eggy smell of soft shit which I'm not so keen on.

** What else would you like to share with our readers?

I'm sure there are many others who are curious to try watersports or scat. I often hear from other guys who say they are not usually into this fetish but because they have watched my videos and see how natural and fun a boy next door type makes it, they are curious to give it a go themselves!

For those looking to try it for the first time, I recommend just starting slowly by yourself like I did by maybe pissing over yourself in the bath or shower or watching yourself take a poo in the mirror and touching it. Get used to the smell and texture. I think the main thing to remember is not to feel guilty for enjoying yourself in this way, especially after you have had fun and just cum. At first you may think, oh god, what have I just done, as you find yourself covered in shit, but there is no need — you shouldn't feel guilting about exploring and enjoying the thrills and pleasure your own body can give.

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