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Interview with HornyKinkyBoy — The most hardy porn actor of pig sex.

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by Gustavo Scat.
translation Renan Ryuji and JoeMuck23

This guy makes totally insane and creative videos
with a lot of dirty play, shit, piss, and all the fucking kinky things.

In this exclusive international interview for the blog QueroScat (IWannaScat),
I talked to the porn actor HornKinkyBoy, known for the boldness a
nd exploits pictured in his videos, with heavy scat and dirty pig sex.

interviewing horny kinky boy porn actor scat sex

Better known as HornyKinkyBoy, Kevin is a young gay guy, 28 years
old, and a kind of celebrity very much known by the extreme scat adepts.

He makes exclusive videos for own website,,
and also for the site Fetish-Boy where he also explores others types of fetishes.

Kevin loves scat sex, piss, puke/vomit, rubber, feet, sneakers, socks, pumping, and several other dirty fetishes. He stands out for daring himself to do things that other don’t.

You’ve got to have a lot of boldness to make hardcore content like he does. In this interview, learn a little more about this guy who really loves what he do. And believe or not: he’s very careful with his health.

Interview with HornyKinkyBoy
The most hardy porn actor of pig sex.

** Tell us something about you and how did you start to like scat. Do you really like poop?

I’m a very normal guy but with some special fetishes as you already may have noticed. 😄 And yes, I really like shit! Further, everything I do in front of the camera is 100% real and is the result of pure passion and horniness. NO poppers, alcohol, so called "chems,” or other similar things are involved in my video shootings. The same is true for my private sessions.

** When did you start to record your videos and how did you get the motivation for this?

A few years ago, I started to record my own scat playing sessions. It was just a kinky idea and at the end it was a partnership with, for which I’m now producing the videos for distribution exclusively.

** How do you prepare for all your exploits?

Well, the biggest preparation is time for preparing the play area, making the video, and cleaning everything up at the end. Holding back the shit for at least one or even two days is also very important, or to defrost some collected shit to have it ready for the shooting. Besides that, trimming my body hair, shaving, and some styling is also very important for me.

** Why do you think the scat fetish is more popular in Germany than in the rest of the world?

I have no specific idea but perhaps its not only related to a specific country here in Europe, since in China or Japan there is also a big scat community.

** Is there any particular video that impressed you a lot and got you very horny recording it?

This is very hard to answer in general. Every video has its own special style and action. It would be only possible to name a few for different categories, like group action where I’m the top. It would be this one here as an example.

** Why do you like to practice scat, pissing, and farting? Can you explain why you like these fetishes so much?

Dirty practices such as scat turns me on in all its kinky variety. In other words: eating, chewing, licking, sniffing, smearing, repacking, fucking, and sucking. It doesn't matter for me whether it’s just a soft play, a quick and clean shit feeding, or a really kinky smearing and repacking session. It’s important for me is to have relaxed fun and stay healthy!

** Do you like to try and play with other people's poo, or do you usually carry out your wishes on your own?

I really like my own shit for my solo videos but for videos with other guys I also like their shit, under the condition that I know and like the guy, he is in my target group, and very important that he is healthy!

** What kind of poop makes you to feel horny? Does it matter to you?

I like firm turds the most. Big quantity is always a big plus. But I also like softer shit for smearing. At the end, it comes as it comes. 😊

** Is your objective to always do hardcore things with scat? Tell us more about it and how you take care with your health.

No, I also like softcore scat play such as shitting only. Basically, I’m not really worried about getting sick since I'm very careful what kind of shit I eat and play with and from whom. There is always a risk but the life itself is full of risks too. 😊

kinky boy and shit scat

** What are you not into at all in scat, piss, or farting? Have you had any curious experiences?

I would never practice unsafe or bareback sex with others. Also, drugs or so called "chems" or other similar things are not part of my desire.

** Has someone recognize you "in real life" because of the videos? How do you deal with your identity?

Fortunately, this hasn’t happened so far with people I know outside the fetish community. I’m also very careful with my identity. But if someone recognizes me, I don’t think that this person will let me know this since he will out himself as someone who is into the same stuff as me. 😄

** Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I’ve already made around 600 individual scat and other fetish videos in full HD quality, and around 200 galleries with thousands of high resolution pictures. Some of them are just simple and short shitting clips and others are more complex, long-play videos containing a lot of different kinks.

Interested guys can find my videos on exclusively.
They can easily and securely signup for either, a non-recurring or recurring membership. Besides that, guys who don't want to signup for a membership can also obtain individual videos as download from the shop. It is also possible to buy fan stuff, used gear and toys, and other stuff from there, if someone likes something with a personal note, or smell. 😛

To be always up to date or keep you updated about special offers or promotions, you can follow me on Twitter (@HornyKinkyBoy)
or visit my profile on or (HornyKinkyBoy).

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