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Interviewing SweetBettyParlour – beyond an exotic scat actress.

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by Gustavo Scat.
translation by ShitEaterBoy and JoeMuck23

Betty is one of my favorite actresses, I’ll confess. When we’re talking about the scat fetish, SweetBettyParlour (aka Dirty Betty) is one of the most popular scat stars on the internet.
A pretty actress rising over the last few years – or maybe just a video blogger, as she describes herself – Dirty Betty is acclaimed by many people and well-known by those who like videos with shit smearing and playing dirtily.

So, here we exclusively interviewed her.This was one of my biggest goals since I’ve created the blog QueroScat (IWannaScat).
I’ve been surprised about the amazing way she thinks and talks about scat.
It’s different, just like her videos.

Welcome to the SweetBettyParlour’s exotic world,
where contact lenses, wigs, a gothic/horror style, and lots of shit are her charms.

Don’t be afraid. Come closer because she is amazing and is crazy to share brown, smelly, and dirty moments with you.

interviewing sweet betty parlour sex scat actress

Nastya, well-known as Sweet/Dirty Betty or SweetBettyParlour, is 26 years old, bisexual, and was born in Russia.
“But now, since I’ve moved with my family to Spain, I like cool and friendly people, cozy streets, and comfortable weather.”

She is often on Twitter (@Betty_Parlour), posting news and talking about how to buy her online shit-filled and dark-styled videos.

If you know Portuguese language — or if you have an online translator — check it out this article I wrote about her success, including even more details and pictures: Atrizes em Ascensão. And be sure to read through to the end of this interview to find an exclusive picture of her!

Beyond being an exotic scat actress,
DirtyBetty is a pretty woman ascending in the scat world over the last few years, due to her dirty thoughts and brilliant ideas to make her sexy shit-smeared videos.

“I have never been in porn or erotica. My project was created exclusively as a dirty family fetish blog, where you can see almost all of our scat experience! I respect porn actors, but for me sex has a very sacred and personal meaning. I would not be able to participate in porn for money, and have sex without love. However, I don't see anything wrong with having some fun with girlfriends sometimes after a glass of red wine! I will continue to shoot various fetish videos. Also probably for our project there will be new people. But our project is still not porn. It is a kind of performance in the format of home video! Being a camgirl is a different ideology. I do not do LIVE shows and every video for me is not just a cut from the stream — it is a short film where you will encounter something contradictory, intriguing and frighteningly exciting!

“Besides riding my husband's cock and playing with poop, I am into lesbian energy, as well as feet, spitting, pussyeating, milk, spanking and other kinky stuff. I love constantly experimenting, I have incredible videos of dirty male foot fetish, swimming in enemas, farting, and pissing on myself. There are even movies where I do dirty masturbation, and smear shit on my body and face while in a public women's toilet! Over ten years of practice with my husband, I have accumulated more than 500 films, all unique in their own way. I advise you to start collecting now, as this is only the beginning of our dirty and hot fetish collection.”

Interviewing SweetBettyParlour
Beyond an exotic scat actress.

** Tell us something about you, and how did you start to like scat. Do you really like poop?

My husband suggested that I start a personal blog about our fetishes: body hair, various secretions, and various experiments. Once I sat on his face, and began to masturbate with a vibrator. I almost finished with a squirt, but accidentally poop flew out from my ass! At that awkward moment, we decided to delve into the subject of scat. We watched a lot of movies and it really blew our roof off! Since then, we continue to add to our collection of videos (priority on the toilet theme). I like not just shit, I like what it means to me! This is an opportunity to be yourself, to be natural and free! It's an incredible feeling to shit a huge pile in your pants after a hard day, or start peeing while you're giving a blowjob to your husband. Just try it and you’ll understand!

(click on image to enlarge)

** When did you start to record your videos and what was the motivation for this? Was it the sensation of being a known actress in the “scat community”?

I’m motivated by people who really care what we do! We are all one big team, and we all fill this world with openness and natural passion. Everyone who decides to share their experience with the world is part of one big family. I am truly glad that I am part of the scat community. My main goal is to bring simple truths to people: live, create, and fill your creations with a part of yourself, so you will become closer to each other and to yourself!

** How do you prepare to perform all your exploits?

Love each other, do cardio, and eat more protein food! These are my main points, lol! Although there are some nuances. For example, I use fisheye lenses to make my ass look even more appetizing. I eat a lot of seafood if I want a lot of tender shit. It is also important to keep the intestinal microflora in good condition. This can be achieved by including a small amount of dairy products in the diet.

** Why do you think the scat fetish is more popular in Germany than in the rest of the world?

Really? I'm looking for hot girls to join my project, and I think now I know where to start looking! To tell the truth, I never thought about it. Germans are funny people!

** Is there a particular video that got you very horny while recording it? Tell us how it felt.

My video collection is an interactive art project in which something is constantly happening — various references to pop culture, hidden easter eggs, and most importantly my incredible excitement (you can probably hear me breathing excitedly on the video!). I get wet just thinking of my dirty games. I tried to create a kind of dirty blog where I can not only open up to the audience but also emphasize the uniqueness of my project through audio-visual impact, creating a unique atmosphere.

** Why do you create videos using a scary style, wearing dark contact lenses, wigs and things like these? Does this style mean something special to you?

I think it helps to express yourself better. I like to create a unique (sometimes even creepy) atmosphere. It mixes your excitement with some conflicting feelings, and you start to believe that you are dealing with something mystical, attracted its wildness, and at the same time so forbidden! You can say that my transformation and at the same time various effects are part of my personality, and if you think that nothing will surprise you in the world of scat, then just look at a shit-obsessed mom with pale skin and black eyes, engaged in dirty masturbation and smearing shit on her face in a terrible and dirty bath!

** Why do you like to practice scat, piss and farting? Can you explain why you like these fetishes so much?

I believe that most people are too constrained by their inner limits to open up to themselves and start experimenting. And I want to show by my example: even an ordinary housewife with children can become a scat bomb. For this you need to be open, and really love what brings you so much pleasure! I was very surprised when I saw my first scat film (a Brazilian femdom). I was struck by the ease with which these ass-beauties smeared shit. At that moment I thought, heeeyyy, I also want it! Gradually, I discovered the full potential of playing with shit. It’s really a very deep and multifaceted fetish!

** Do you like to try and play with other people's poo, or do you usually carry out your wishes on your own? Have you ever date with someone who did not like the fetish?

I love my shit, but I also like to experiment with my husband's shit. I like to suck his cock with his poop or take it directly from his ass! 8) I also don't mind playing with girl's poop (I think I would get explosive content!) but I have no free time, so at the moment I don't have a lesbian video in the collection. I haven’t have a bad relationship just because the only man in my life was and still is my husband, Mr Anonymous! We have been together for more than ten years! (sounds crazy i know, lol)

Dirty Betty and Mr Anonymous

** What kind of poop makes you to feel horny? Does it matter to you?

This is important to me. I like thick creamy shit with a chocolate tinge! It is incredible, and melts in the mouth, leaving a bitter mark on the tongue (at such a moment you will feel the shades of your diet). This excites me even more! So I often change my eating habits which gives rise to unique combinations of tastes of shit. For example, I love it when my husband eats a lot of beans and cheeses! Yummy.

** Did someone recognize you "in real life" because of the videos? How do you deal with your identity?

That's a good question! I was recognized twice. The first meeting took place at the Moscow airport. A middle-aged man came up to me, kissed my hand, and wished me further success! The second meeting took place in a coffee shop directly opposite my house. I was recognized by a nice girl, who said that she was very surprised to see me here. Maybe I was recognized because of my face tattoos? My parents and friends know what I do. They jokingly call me a pervert, but they also know that I am a great specialist, a loving mother, and a caring wife! I also manage to play games, do needlework (producing scary dolls), raise children, and cook incredibly delicious food! And all this in addition to shooting and editing my videos. I also like to have a good time in bed. Maybe I'm not a human?

** It is usually harder to find women who are into to this practice. Do you believe that there may be many others, but they’re afraid to assume this for themselves or to their partners?

I don't want to break your illusions, but in my experience, there are only two things here: money or love. You can find someone who will be willing to do anything, but it's not the same as “jointly learning” your fetish. My advice is to educate your girlfriend (guy, trans) and gradually surprise them step by step. After a while you will notice how your partner is more and more immersed with you in a new and wonderful world — the world of harmony and unity of body language.

** In the world of scat, piss, and farting, what are you not into at all? Have you had any curious experiences?

Blood, violence, torture, eating shit and vomit, various humiliations, group sex, the use of religious themes, as well as forced sex, is unacceptable to me. Just like any other things dangerous to your health and psyche!

I am preparing a new large-scale project not related to the theme of scat. I think it will be very unique and interesting. In a sense it will be even more personalized, but it will touch a new side of our fetishes. Such as: public videos, pissing, foot fetish, and cosplay with partial role-playing. I think every such video will have a certain meaning for me and cause a real storm of emotions. This will be a new step in my "video blogging" career, and will allow me to plunge into new directions!

** Finally, what would you like to pass along to the readers of this interview?

SweetBettyParlour is not a studio that produces various porn videos for sale. This is something more. It is an idea that unites people around the world — the ability to create unique videos without worrying about what others will not understand! Hey people, look at me, I put screaming in my videos, make a complete mess, and create a truly unique atmosphere in the video! You can start laughing taboo in the face right now, combining any formats and forms of video submission! It's time for a new art. Share your ideas with us and we will not stay away! I'm a real fan of scat and I'm proud of it, but I'm also happy that I can create and find like-minded people who really care about what I do!

Thank you so much guys!

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